Ceramic & Tile

PEGs have the following plus points as carriers, plasticizers and binders:

Compatible with many aqueous and non-aqueous formulations PEGs can help colors to etch easily and also suitable for scraping techniques Easy and smooth distribution throughout the ceramic mass Plasticizing properties for higher density Lubricant for mold release Burn smoothly without residue Lower slurry viscosity and higher solids loading

Typical Ceramic Applications :

Product/Process Function of PEG Suggested PEGs Formulation Guideline
Decorative materials  Binder 20-50%
Green-body formation Binder, Plasticizer 1500, 3350, 6000 1-5% 5-40%
Dry pressing Internal Lubricant 3350 and lower 1-2%
Tape casting Mold Lubricant 200-600 Directly on the mold
Injection molding
Powder processing Grinding aid/Lubricant 1500, 3350 1-5%