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Who We Are?

Sayan Istanbul yatirim LTD

Sayan Istanbul yatirim LTD. is recognized as one of the major leading production enterprises in ethoxylation and propoxylation industry for production of wide variety of chemicals and pharmaceuticals in the Middle East. Our corporation was established in 1995 by private investment. Sayan Kimya is the result of years of research and development by its experienced experts and professionals, financial and time investment, taking risks and excellent management by its founders.

The company started with the production of pharmaceutical polyethylene glycols (PEGs). Currently, after long-term effort and hard work leading to develop our own know-how and technology, Sayan Kimya is the leading manufacturer of various ethoxylated and propoxylated products which are consumed in 17 different industrial branches. Research and development is our non-stop program. Therefore, expanding the number and diversity of our products is one of our substantial missions.

We believe that conscientious use of safe proven raw materials and improving the quality of our products are vital factors for outstanding competitiveness and excellence in our business. In order to achieve these goals, our plan of action is based on the appreciation of our employees, ethical behavior in our public relations and responsibility towards helping our neighboring communities to enhance in terms of economic power and cultural activities.

Commitment to the mentioned principles and values are reflected in multiple educational workshops and programs for our staff, personalized customer service, collaboration and association with our suppliers and consistent programs pursuing our social responsibility in our motto. Today, we are happy for reaching our goals and looking forward to open new horizons in our activities.

The business model of Sayan Kimya is based on these three following strategic backbones:
Market leadership; which allows our corporation to develop a wide range of products in multiple fields such as petrochemical, pharmaceutical and detergent industries.
Cost competitiveness; which is the result of scale gains and synergies deriving from the company’s analysts and managers.
Technical independence; which allows our company to achieve significant profitability and helps improving our customer’s competitiveness level, both in the domestic and international markets.